About lookahead Consulting

My name is Ian Sheppard, I’m a management consultant, and I’ve worked with opticians and optical businesses for the last 25 years.  I set up lookahead Consulting with my father in 2006.

Whilst working with so many opticians, I noticed how often optical businesses would benefit from experienced, external support to help them grow and develop.

When an optician doesn’t take a ‘helicopter view’ of their business, and isn’t able to intelligently analyse discuss every aspect of their business plan, the business will stagnate, and will lose ground to their competitors.

I work alongside business owners to identify and deliver specific, measurable improvements in the key functions of their business.

I’ve worked with many clients, each with unique business needs, and delivered measurable improvements in key performance indicators such as average dispense, sales turnover, new patient rate, profitability, staff churn rate and patient satisfaction.  Just as importantly, I’m approachable and easy to work with.

This blog is a magazine of contemporary issues in our sector, news items, opinion, a forum for debate…  You can follow us on Twitter, on Facebook, on Google+ and on LinkedIn.  Get involved!


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